Laptop advice

Jason P. Thomas jthomasp at
Mon Mar 24 03:43:18 PDT 2008

Joe Demeny wrote:
> I need to get a budget-priced laptop, such as one of these:
> Does anyone have experience with these?
> Any suggestions for other comparable choices?
 From personal experience, getting a laptop to work under FreeBSD (or 
even Linux) is a hair pulling experience.  It took me about six months 
of tinkering off and on to get a Broadcom(yuck!) wifi adapter to work in 
my HP laptop last year.  In the interim, I found a work around that was 
about $30.  I purchased a usb wifi adapter that used the rum driver.  At 
the time, I had to run -current to get that particular driver, but I 
never had a problem with the computer or the adapter under -current.  
The most headaches I've gotten with laptops have always involved the 
wifi cards.  Consequently, every laptop I've installed FreeBSD and Linux 
on had a Broadcom(yuck!) wifi chipset.  Everything else has been well 
supported, graphics, sound, power management, pointing devices, and usb 
devices.  I even managed to use FreeBSD to connect to the robots I had 
to use in one of my master's classes last year.  That was pleasantly 


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