Subversion and FreeBSD permission problems

Mark G. mark-fbsd-quest-10+20080323 at
Sun Mar 23 17:21:33 PDT 2008

Hi again,

Darrell Blake wrote:
> I'm SSHing to my server from my desktop as I haven't actually got a
> monitor on the server but when I do a sockstat I get the following
> output regarding svn:
> svuser    svnserve   846   3  tcp6   *:3690                *:*

I just noticed the 'tcp6' in the above line.  Looks like your
svn server is listening on an IP version 6 address.  It won't
answer a request made from an IP version 4 address (it can't
even see it), which is what and 192.168.*.* are.

Does the output to 'sockstat -4' show any services?  Note the
-4 option restricts sockstat's output to IP v4 addresses.


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