cvsup will not speak to me :Connection refused

Jim Pazarena fquest at
Sat Mar 22 10:51:25 PDT 2008

I have a bank of 8 servers, all which do cvsup regularly for ports.

I am recently going thru an upgrade to FreeBSD 7.0, and in a cvsup
with server #5, I get :Connection refused

I cannot figure out why this machine would be refused, when the other
4 upgrades to 7.0 work as expected. I use the same routine to do all my cvsuping.

I thought perhaps the IP # of this machine has been blackballed, so I changed
it, and I still get refused.

I run:  cvsup -g -L2 ports-supfile

   I use (altho I have tried many incantations cvsup1, 2, etc).

I receive every time:
Cannot connect to Connection refused

I would appreciate anyone's suggestion on what to try.
signed: perplexed.


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