Different languages in the same applications under kde & konsole

Jonathan Chen jonc at chen.org.nz
Wed Mar 19 17:11:47 PDT 2008

On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 11:45:48PM +0100, vittorio wrote:
> I run  freebsd 7.0 and kde 3.5.8, both in Italian.
> Now it happens that if I launch either gimp or abiword from the kde konsole 
> the two applications "speak" Italian while if I launch them from the icons 
> (that I created) on the desktop they "switch" to English.
> Why is that and what can I do for making the applications speak Italian?

It's probably an environment setting setting that you've got for your
shell that you haven't got withing X. Check for and set $LANG, $LC_ALL
in ~/.xsession.
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