limit Xorg to one ip address - problem further explained

Mark Moellering mark at
Wed Mar 19 16:53:53 PDT 2008

O.k., here is the deal.  As a web designer, I NEED to run Flash-9.  I have 
traditionally developed on FreeBSD and recently upgraded to a core-2 Quad 
system.  Now that I am using the amd64 system, I can't run win4bsd, wine, 
etc. except in a jail.  
	I would prefer to keep X and everything else native amd64 with only the jail 
i386 as I have not used jails before and I don't want to get bogged down with 
more details.  Which brings me back to my original question or am I going 
about this all wrong?

Thanks again for everyones prompt replies.


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