confusion configuring NAT

Rudy crapsh at MonkeyBrains.NET
Wed Mar 19 15:10:15 PDT 2008

David Alanis wrote:
> Being I am a newcomer to freeBSD, on my first install google turned up 
> a how to for getting my box on the Internet as a firewall/DHCP/DNS 
> server. Since, I've been learning the packet filtering program (pf). 
> Everytime I read a question on ipfw I quickly get confused.
> What are the major advantages one over the other? I hope not to sound 
> biased but pf seems more user friendly, easier to implement, and less 
> verbose?
ipnat can handle 80+Mbps on a 2Ghz single core CPU.  ipfw w/ natd will 
crumple around 10Mbps on the same box.  There is one difference.  :)

It has to do with the fact that ipnat is kernel based while DIVERT uses 
the userland natd program.

(I use ipnat as a synonym for pf)

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