Anyone have any luck installing openoffice?

D Hill d.hill at
Tue Mar 18 15:09:35 PDT 2008

On Tue, 18 Mar 2008 at 22:47 +0100, ante at Update.UU.SE confabulated:

> On Tue, 18 Mar 2008, Manolis Kiagias wrote:
>> Andreas Davour wrote:
>>> No I have tried to manually download the package for openoffice, which 
>>> barfed since dependencies where not present.
>>> pkg_add -r didn't work since there was no package where it should have 
>>> been on the site to download.
>>> I have tried to build from source as well and that fails since the source 
>>> can not be found. (ports tree updated)
>>> How do I install it? I need it pretty bad right now.
>>> It was't this hard last time I tried.
>> I installed mine from ports some time ago and didn't have any difficulties. 
>> It took ages to compile however  - obviously - so if you need it right now 
>> this might not be an option.
> It's the last option, yes. Even my dual core machine racing ahead at 
> gigahertz will take forever.

It only took my computer just over four hours to install with 2x3Ghz dual 
core and 8Gb RAM.

My computer at work is only a dual PIII with only 1Gb RAM and it took 
almost 36 hours.

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