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Tue Mar 18 12:00:36 PDT 2008

> hello,
> 2008/3/18, Christian Zachariasen <chrizach at>:
> > Depending on what you're doing you might clarify what you are
> planning on
> > doing with the disks.
> > Are you running them in any form of RAID?
> >
> > In a some cases it might be smarter to go for "better" drives (made
> for
> > operating 24/7).
> >  That being said, I've often used shitty drives myself on servers
> that have
> > been up for ages at a time.
> Right! It will be used for hosting a couple of domains and quite
> extensive email service. I was planning to use the second HD to
> replicate data in case of emergency.
> What would you advise instead or is there a way to make the two drives
> operate in RAID? I do not know much abaout RAIDs I am afraid.

Without a hardware RAID controller card, you can run a software RAID 1
array.  That is mirroring capabilities.

There is a howto in the FreeBSD handbook on setting up the RAIDs based
the FreeBSD's built in features.

I would strongly suggest that you add more disks for more IO resources
be available if you are going to run a medium sized mail server.  SAS
will be way much better.

Those extra disks (or faster ones) and two more GB of RAM will be more
useful if you are going to use a type of SQL database for your hosts

Better safe than to be overloaded.


> Thanks!
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