X.org 7.3 sure is a mess...

Peter Boosten peter at boosten.org
Tue Mar 18 11:39:24 UTC 2008

Norberto Meijome wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Mar 2008 11:19:19 +0100
> Peter Boosten <peter at boosten.org> wrote:
>> Looks like you're having a problem with your window manager, instead of 
>> Xorg.
>> Mine (with enlightenment-devel) works like charm. None of the issues you 
>> describe anyway.
> indeed - i've jumped onto 7.3 as soon as it hit the ports tree. I'm using XFCE 4, on a relatively slow single cpu laptop and it just works as great as ever (quite well :P ).
> what cpu / wm are you using? what were you using before the upgrade ?

Are you asking me?

I'm on a very old laptop, a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4300 (I think), 500Mhz 
Celeron. I tried a myriad different wm's, but none of them really were 
what I was searching for (but they worked all). I didn't try KDE/Gnome, 
because my old laptop would not be able to handle them, and have 
functionality I'm not looking for.

While enlightenment-devel still has its bugs (for instance 'lock screen' 
really does, it won't accept any password as valid - but it doesn't 
hang) it's fast, small, cool :-)



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