Scanners, emulators and VueScan

Bill Campbell freebsd at
Mon Mar 17 17:49:49 UTC 2008

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008, Isaac Mushinsky wrote:
>Problem: I have a film scanner whose sane support is somewhat incomplete.
>There is a commercial piece of software called VueScan, which reportedly can
>do what I need. It can be had as either a Windows or Linux binary. It does
>not use sane on Linux, but apparently implements its own set of drivers via
>libusb. Rather than install another OS and boot into it to do the scanning,
>I was wondering if I can make it work with any kind of emulation. If I do
>not load uscanner, my scanner will appear just as a ugen device. Can I then
>have the device passed through to VueScan and usable by it with:

You might want to contact Ed Hamrick <EdHamrick at>, author
of VueScan.  He has been very helpful to me when I had questions
about it.

I got VueScan for Mac OS X Tiger when I had to replace a bad hard
drive on my Mac Mini and the HP drivers I had been using were no
longer available (let's not go into backups shall we :-).  The
support has been good, and it does what I need.

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