Scanners, emulators and VueScan

Isaac Mushinsky itz at
Mon Mar 17 17:42:01 UTC 2008

Problem: I have a film scanner whose sane support is somewhat incomplete.
There is a commercial piece of software called VueScan, which reportedly can
do what I need. It can be had as either a Windows or Linux binary. It does
not use sane on Linux, but apparently implements its own set of drivers via
libusb. Rather than install another OS and boot into it to do the scanning,
I was wondering if I can make it work with any kind of emulation. If I do
not load uscanner, my scanner will appear just as a ugen device. Can I then
have the device passed through to VueScan and usable by it with:

1. Regular linux 32-bit binary emulation?
2. linux via qemu?
3. the Windows binary under wine?

I use FreeBSD on amd64 (rather than i386). Does this present any additional
complications? Presumably, all Windows or Linux binaries involved are

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