Compile error, kde related?

Leslie Jensen leslie at
Mon Mar 17 08:04:42 UTC 2008

> Nope. But I would be interested to see what the line is that compiles uic. And 
> what configure produces.
> I still think there's something '6.x-ish' going on here, but without knowing 
> how uic gets built, it's anyone's guess.
> Could you try the following:
> cd /usr/ports/x11/qt33
> make clean
> mkdir /var/log/portbuilds
> make build >/var/log/portbuilds/`make -V PKGNAME`.log 2>&1
> make -V CONFIGURE_ARGS >> /var/log/portbuilds/`make -V PKGNAME`.log
> cat `make -V WRKSRC`/config.log \
> 	>>/var/log/portbuilds/`make -V PKGNAME`.log
> Then put that log up somewhere if you have webspace, or try to find references 
> to '-pthread', 'libpthread', 'libthr' and the final link command that makes 
> uic.
> It's probably some setting you have or some stray library that causes this and 
> until you get it resolved, you can't trust any threaded application you build 
> from ports. Or, it's specific for qt, but I highly doubt that.

I'm getting an error!

bsdpc01# make build >/var/log/portbuilds/`make -V PKGNAME`.log 2>&1

Ambiguous output redirect.


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