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> Cups on FreeBSD is still woefully underdocumented, relying 100% on others
> sites, when the cups installation has been changed (somewhat) to 
> agree with
> hier(7).  I agree that needed to be done, and would have been complaining
> if it hadn't,  but then there should have been some small notes detailing
> how to install a local driver.  

The problem here is that CUPS is really mostly useful if your
using Gnome for your desktop, because there's a lot of GUI
configuration software that is written for that desktop that
makes CUPS configuration a snap.  (and installing foomatic
drivers and the like)

If your not a right-clicker or an i-book flipper than it's
understandable you would wonder why there's so much attention
paid to CUPS for FreeBSD since it does nothing for the usual
command line junkie.


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