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Predrag Punosevac wrote:
> Chuck Robey wrote:
> Gligor Lucian wrote:
>>>> David Kelly <dkelly at> wrote: >On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at
>>>> 12:59:38PM -0700, Gligor Lucian >wrote:
>>>>>> Does FreeBSD support a USB printer?
>>>>> Yes.
> You know, while there are printing utils that actually work on FreeBSD, I
> can't personally recommend CUPS.  I keep on trying to get it to work on
> FreeBSD efvery year or so, then I need to go over to one of my other
> systems.  Last one I tried was an Epson Stylus C84, but I've also
> tried HP
> officejets, and I just can't get locally attached printers to work with
> cups.  I can get them to work with things like apsfilter very well, but
> either someone is going to have to fix the Cups port (it builds, but
> nothing locally runs) or stop recommending it.
> Or, does anyone else have it working on FreeBSD?  Sure would like to hear
> about it, but I've been trying for a long time now, with no success.
>> Please do not spread disinformation. Of course CUPS works on FreeBSD as
>> well as thee other spooling systems
>> PDQ, LPD, and LPRng.

Well, YOU might note that I _did_ say that others did work (I even gave an
example, apsfilter, that worked) and I specified that cups itself worked,
just that the job of installing drivers in cups for FreeBSD seemed
undocumented.  Someone since then found for me a wiki (non-FreeBSD- you
note) that gives more help, but it seems that no helkp is forthcoming from
FreeBSD itself.  I specified in the email that non-local printers, which
only use default ps drivers worked fine also, it was only when you tried to
install locally based printers, which  need local drivers, that you end up
in trouble.

If you're going to criticize, at least try to read the post first.

Cups on FreeBSD is still woefully underdocumented, relying 100% on others
sites, when the cups installation has been changed (somewhat) to agree with
hier(7).  I agree that needed to be done, and would have been complaining
if it hadn't,  but then there should have been some small notes detailing
how to install a local driver.  As a general rule in FreeBDS ports, there
is (on most ports that have more than 1 version) insufficient care given to
detailing the differences in ports, when there are more than one version to
choose from.  Example?  the cups and the cups-base port have the same
pkg-descr, so how is anyone to know what the difference is, and under whjat
circumstances should one port be chosen over another.

Don't answer that question, answer why no care is ever given to correct the
woeful state of most multi-option pkg-descr files.

>> Cheers,
>> Predrag
>>>>     Thank you very much for your answer.
>>>>      All the best, Gligor Lucian.
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