Java based Content Management Systems on FreeBSD?

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Sun Mar 16 07:41:54 UTC 2008

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> Subject: Java based Content Management Systems on FreeBSD?
> Hi,
> surfing the internet I a page describing some fancy Java 
> based CMS's:
> Does anyone have any experience with them on FreeBSD, do they 
> work?

Java is write-once, run anywhere.  As long as they run under the
JDK that has been ported to FreeBSD then there's no problems.

I know this is so because Sun Microsystems says so in their
literature about Java.  Sun says that a language that can only
run on 1 specific platform is no good, that is the entire point
of why they wrote Java, according to Sun.

> (Please no flames about the advantages of PHP or Python, 

Of course.  After all, Sun Microsystems says that Java is
better than PHP or Python and because Sun says so it must
be true.


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