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> I am using dovecot email on my server - Users can connect via
> IMAP or POP3.
> I have a user who is using pop3 but not removing the email from the
> server - so the email stays on the server, -and- it is collecting on their
> computer - as the emails build up, will there be a problem with this?
> For IMAP it stays on the server, so I assume the server will not
> be presented
> with any problem - but will the user suffer any problem eventually?

It depends on a lot of variables.

For example, I have a 64-bit mailserver running uw-imapd.  I have
a 500MB mailbox with around 16,000 e-mail messages in it.  When I
connect with Outlook, it takes about a minute for the server and
client to sync with each other.  Beyond that, it's not even noticable.

However, some of the webmail clients do have a lot of problems
with this large of a mailbox.

With POP3 you start having problems with more than a couple hundred
messages in the inbox.


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