/usr/local/www a tradition?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at msu.edu
Fri Mar 14 15:25:40 UTC 2008

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 07:29:55PM -0600, Modulok wrote:

> Is there a compelling reason for placing subversion and web-server
> data in /usr/local and not somewhere else? I was thinking of keeping
> all user accounts (human and daemon alike) in one place like,
> /home/www and /home/svn and so forth.
> Before I break convention, I just thought I'd see if placing said
> files in /usr/local was just a tradition or if there was another
> reason for it.

You probably won't break anything, but it is the convention for
FreeBSD structure.   see:     man hier
Some things are easier to install when following the conventions
because you have to do less special-casing and modifying config files.

There may be some badly written utility out there that does not
properly check config files and just assumes things are in the
conventional places.    I don't know of any and FreeBSD tries to
avoid this problem.   But, the time you find out is usually the
most inconvenient time.

So, you pays your money and you takes your chances.


> Thanks.
> -Modulok-
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