/usr/local/www a tradition?

Beech Rintoul beech at freebsd.org
Fri Mar 14 01:59:54 UTC 2008

On Thursday 13 March 2008, Modulok said:
> Is there a compelling reason for placing subversion and web-server
> data in /usr/local and not somewhere else? I was thinking of
> keeping all user accounts (human and daemon alike) in one place
> like, /home/www and /home/svn and so forth.
> Before I break convention, I just thought I'd see if placing said
> files in /usr/local was just a tradition or if there was another
> reason for it.
> Thanks.
> -Modulok-

Actually you can put webdata anywhere you want. It's common for 
virtual host sites to be in ~/htdocs so the user has write access to 
their site.

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