removing acl from a directory

Reinhold freebsd at
Wed Mar 12 18:58:46 UTC 2008


I need to remove all the acls from a directory and its files, I've done
that successfully using setfacl -bn. This dir is being used by samba but
because of the way its now being used we don't need acls on it any more.
The thing is every time we create a file either trough samba or from a
terminal it adds the acls to the file even after I removed them all.

Here is an example of whats happening

total 2858
drwxrwx---  6 user1  test   512B Mar 12 17:54 .svn/
drwxrwx---  3 user1  test   512B Mar 12 17:54 branches/
drwxrwx---  3 user1  test   512B Mar 12 17:54 tags/
----r-----+ 1 root   test     0B Mar 12 18:50 test
drwxrwx---+ 2 user1  test   512B Mar 12 18:51 test123/
-rwxrwx---+ 1 user1  test     0B Mar 12 18:51 test123_file*
drwxrwx---  5 user1  test   512B Mar 12 17:54 trunk/
-rw-rw----  1 user1  test   2.7M Mar 12 17:43

Our main problem is the that if the system creates a file or folder it is
just adding read permissions to the group
Also as you can see the names with the + in them have been created after I
removed all the acls.

test was created by me from within a shell and test123 was done trough samba.

What information do I need to share with you all to see if we can fix this?

Best regards

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