Installation sticks on probing

Joe Doll Joe.Doll at
Wed Mar 12 18:57:57 UTC 2008


  I was trying to install BSD 6.3. During the probing process, the
  probe sticks (forever) when it sees the HD controller which is an
  Intergrated Technology Express ITE IT8212 ATA. This happened in both
  a 1998 and 2007 era computer. The hardware manual says that the card
  is supported. Is there some keystroke or command that will make BSD
  skip pass the probing?

  The Linux Slax Live 5.1.7b disk will boot and see the Maxtor 6L200P0
  disk drive that is connected to the controller. With Slax, I was
  previously able to format the Maxtor disk and write files to it, but
  I'm not able to get past the probing in BSD 6.3.

  Thanks for you help.

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