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On Mon, 10 Mar 2008 19:33:30 +0100
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> On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 12:22:39PM +0200, Ivailo Bonev wrote:
> > I have a Windows machine that get all e-mails, from few accounts,
> > from different Internet providers. I want to setup FreeBSD machine
> > that get all mails from accounts and remote and local users get
> > their mails from that FreeBSD mail storage server. I don't own a
> > domain or MX records.
> Ok.
> > I read many docs in Intrernet, and now I have installed FreeBSD 7.0 
> > RELEASE, with installed fetchmail port (to get mail from various
> > accounts), 
> Fetchmail is the right tool for the job.
> > sendmail-sasl port, and dovecot for IMAP server. But now I'm lost,
> > from where to start configuring FreeBSD mail server?
> IMHO postfix is easier to set up than sendmail, but the principles are
> the same.
> I would make users on the FreeBSD machine for everyone that needs to
> download mail from the machine. Use a non-existent home-directory and
> /usr/bin/nologin as the shell for these accounts.
> Use the virtual hosts feature to deliver mail for different addresses
> to local users. See e.g.

Use 'virtual' for all users, local or not if Postfix is employed. It
makes setting up the system a whole lot easier and potentially more
> I haven't used dovecot, so I can't help you much with that. If your
> FreeBSD server and the windows clients are on a trusted private
> subnet, I would probably just use plain text authentication.

Setting up SSL/TLS on Postfix is really trivial. I use it myself.
Again, it increases the security factor.

> > And one last thing, how can deliver all mail messages from Outlook
> > Express client from Windows machine to FreeBSD mail server machine?
> You can set the FreeBSD machine as the outgoing mail server in
> Outlook. But this might not work, depending on your set-up. If you
> relay the mail to your ISP's mailserver, it probably won't handle
> incoming mail from addresses outside his domain.

Unless there is some weird firewall, I don't see what the problem would
> Roland

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