FreeBSD 6.2+PHP+700 sites = DNS Issues?

Mel fbsd.questions at
Thu Mar 6 18:38:40 UTC 2008

On Thursday 06 March 2008 12:12:05 Simon Street wrote:

> I've copied resolv.conf to /usr/local/etc and HostnameLookups is
> already enabled, no joy :( (Have restarted apache also).

Hmm hmmm.
So apache can look up IP's and write hostname into it's log, but php can't 
resolve anything. If it's got something to do with FDSET, then if it has no 
traffic at all, the problem should go away. Does it? Not sure if you can test 
that, but block all incoming traffic for 30 seconds and run your test script, 
shouldn't be too difficult.

Does this work:

Maybe it isn't related to resolving at all - like, are there any disallowed 
functions in your php configuration?


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    and never get to the software part.

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