syslogd and bzip2 hogs after 6.3 to 7.0 upgrade

Neil Darlow neil at
Thu Mar 6 12:14:08 UTC 2008


Kris Kennaway wrote:
> This should be unrelated to bzip since that is purely CPU bound.  What 
> is causing the interrupts?  Check vmstat -i.  That is likely to be your 
> real problem.

The cause of the high interrupt incidence was failed DMA operations on 
my DVD-RW drive.

The situation arose as follows:
1) My backup program executes at 11:30 UTC and uses growisofs to create 
a DVD on-the-fly.
2) newsyslog executes at 00:00 UTC and compresses the logfiles with bzip2.
3) The DVD-RW drive DMA errors appear.

I've rebooted the system and watched cron execute newsyslog to rotate 
the logs. I have a bzip2 process that's consuming over 90% of CPU. That 
can't be normal?

Neil Darlow

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