Postfix port broken?

Ezat ezat_t at
Mon Mar 3 23:24:40 UTC 2008

   Thanks Fred & others who have replied directly,
   The virtual domains are actually exactly what is required in this
   situation so I have fallen back to 2.4 port which will do for now.
   Fred Condo wrote:

     This is due to these lines in the Makefile (with line numbers):
         187 .if defined(WITH_VDA)
         188 IGNORE=                 Waiting for a new patch that's work
     with 2.5.1
         189 PATCH_SITES+=           [1]
         190 PATCHFILES+=            postfix-2.4.5-vda-ng.patch.gz
         191 PATCH_DIST_STRIP=       -p1
         192 .endif
     make config would enable you to turn off virtual delivery agent.
     I'm not a postfix expert, but I believe VDA is only needed if you
     run virtual domains.
     On Mar 2, 2008, at 2:57 AM, Ezat wrote:

       Hello all,
       Not sure if correct list for this.
       Trying to install postfix today and came across this issue.
       ===>  postfix-2.5.1_1,1 Waiting for a new patch that's work with
       *** Error code 1
       Stop in /usr/ports/mail/postfix.
       Anyone have same issue?
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