freebsd-update and mergemaster

n j nino80 at
Mon Mar 3 17:15:38 UTC 2008

>  Who is working on FreeBSD update?  Maybe I can make a feature request.

Or, even better, make a patch - FreeBSD is open source, everyone can work on it!

Sorry, couldn't resist :-). I know the above remark is generally not
very helpful for an average user; however, I was surprised to find out
that the freebsd-update(8) was actually a shell script - i.e.
modifying it doesn't require one to be a hard-core C hacker.

freebsd-update(8) is part of the base system and is, as such, in the
source tree that is freely available from the CVS repository
Being a shell script also means you can go directly to
/usr/sbin/freebsd-update and edit it in-place.

The author, to the best of my knowledge, is Colin Percival, the
current FreeBSD security officer


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