freebsd-update and mergemaster

chris at chris at
Mon Mar 3 16:10:54 UTC 2008

> Chris Maness <chris at> writes:
>> I was wondering if it was possible to use mergemaster with the binary
>> update tool.  It seemed like a much better way than freebsd-update
>> dumping me into vi.  I don't understand what it wants me to do with
>> vi.  Mergemaster is very clear.  Can someone please shed light.
> Mergemaster just uses sdiff(1).  Perhaps freebsd-update can be
> configured (e.g., with an EDITOR setting) to do the same?

The mergemaster is a nice implementation as it really lets you see what is
going on during the whole process.  I like the the whole script as it lets
you choose what version you want to keep for each and every file.

Who is working on FreeBSD update?  Maybe I can make a feature request.


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