remote startup scripts

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Sun Mar 2 22:42:15 UTC 2008

Björn König wrote:

>I have a setup where /usr/local is actually not a local file system. It's
>NFS. My problem is that the initialization scripts doesn't seem to
>consider that startup scripts could be remote. Am I right or are there
>options that I missed yet?
I assume the problem is that /usr/local isn't mounted at the time that 
the rcorder which looks for scripts there is run.  Yes?

I believe this problem is fixable by changing rc.d's idea of what needs 
to be done "early" to include NFS mounts. 

I've never done this and don't have a recent enough system to look at 
but, the man page for rc.d on 6.3 mentions the early/late divider so 
explore that and see if it helps you.  If NFS:/usr/local is mounted 
there should be no reason why you can't run startups scripts from there.

If that doesn't help then searches of the rc at mailing list 
might turn something up; if you can't find anything there then  posting 
to rc at might get you an answer if nothing more specific comes 
up here.

You should also mention which version of FreeBSD you are running, since 
rc.d is has had numerous improvements in recent releases.


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