FreeBSD bind performance in FreeBSD 7

Robert Watson rwatson at
Sun Mar 2 20:53:18 UTC 2008

On Sat, 1 Mar 2008, Chris wrote:

> Ironically the latest server I got last night has a intel pro 1000 a rarity 
> :)
> I am just giving feedback as when I speak to people in the datacentre and 
> hosting business the biggest gripe with freebsd is hardware compatability, 
> as I adore freebsd I ignore this and work round it but its defenitly 
> reducing take up.
> Of course I know current re issues are getting attention which I am thankful 
> for, I fully understand the time and effort required to write drivers 
> patches etc. and have got no critisicms for the people who do this my 
> complaint is more focused on people claiming there is no issues its just the 
> hardware.

It's no coincidence that Intel cards work quite well with FreeBSD, given that 
Intel has hired developers to make FreeBSD work well on their cards.  The same 
goes for companies like Broadcom, Chelsio, Neterion, etc, who provide not only 
the necessary documentation, but also put development resources into writing 
and QAing drivers.  Put pressure on your hardware providers to do the same 
thing for their hardware -- one or two people asking may not do the trick, but 
a few large customers beating on their sales engineers can make a big 
difference, and so can larger numbers of smaller customers.

Robert N M Watson
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge

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