Suggestions for OS to use behind freebsd pf firewalls.

eculp eculp at
Sun Mar 2 13:24:58 UTC 2008

Quoting Ezat - Ezatech <ezat at>:

>    Ed,
>    If flash is bothering you, its quite easy to just install the linux
>    version of firefox on FreeBSD.
>    Sabayon linux is a multimedia powerhouse.  Definately needs some good
>    spec hardware to run even after most of the xgl services have been
>    disabled. The sabayon image is around 4.2GB which gives you an
>    indication.
>    Ezat.

Ezat, thanks for the suggestion and the heads up on needed resources.   
I doubt it can be worse that Windows VISTA.

Are you able to use Flashplayer9 with linux firefox.  My Flash 7 works  
fine on both linux and freebsd firefox but I can not get Flash 9 to  
run reliably. Hopefully, I am behind on the latest flash info on  



>    eculp wrote:
>      Quoting Mehul Ved [1]<mehul.n.ved at>:
>      On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 7:15 AM, eculp [2]<eculp at>
>      wrote:
>       My problem is that I haven't done a linux install since before
>       FreeBSD 2.2 IIRC and have no idea which version would be the most
>       versatile and has an installer that is basically brain dead simple
>       with most all drivers.  I suspect that I am asking the impossible
>      but
>       you never know.
>      Maybe PC-BSD or Sabayon Linux. Sabayon is based on gentoo and
>      contains
>      lots of proprietory drivers built in. So, if you have no problem
>      with that maybe
>      you could look at Sabayon Linux too.
>      I've never heard of Sabayon but will definitely give it a shot on
>      my laptop first and take a good look at the licensing.
>      I really like the idea of PC-BSD but the Flash thing, holds me back
>      a bit.
>      ed
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