gdm + xdmcp

Girish Venkatachalam girishvenkatachalam at
Sat Mar 1 04:52:36 UTC 2008

On 04:37:58 Mar 01, Daniel Iliev wrote:
> Indeed. It is not my intention to use XDMCP like that (although it has
> some advantages in some cases), but since the remote host wasn't on the
> local XDMCP list I tried a more direct approach.


> Sorry, I forgot to mention that. nmap gives:
> 177/udp closed xdmcp
> 6000/tcp open  X11
> Actually I think the latter is not required, but I'll let everything be
> open and allowing until I get it working, then I'll disable the
> unnecessary options afterwards.

Then your problem is right here.

The XDMCP port is closed.

> Now, this is where I get confused. In the gdm(1) man page it is stated
> the configuration file should be gdm.conf. Well, the man page is from
> 2003 and "pkg_info -L" doesn't show such a file. Instead there is
> "custom.conf{,.default}" and gdmsetup seems to be writing to this one.
> Its content seems OK (meaning policy="allow all") to me:
> sed -e '/^$/d;/#/d' /usr/local/etc/gdm/custom.conf
> [daemon]
> [security]
> AllowRemoteRoot=true
> DisallowTCP=false

The above line seems fine to me.

> [xdmcp]
> Enable=true
> [gui]
> [greeter]
> Use24Clock=yes
> [chooser]
> [debug]
> [servers]
> So, I believe there's something about gdm that I'm still missing or
> it's just not working on FreeBSD. (bug?)

Don't think so.

> Thanks and the same to you!
> (Although I'd appreciate more help than luck in this case.)
>  :)

Open the XDMCP port and you are done.


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