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On Sat, 1 Mar 2008 06:31:39 +0530
Girish Venkatachalam <girishvenkatachalam at> wrote:

> On 01:10:06 Mar 01, Daniel Iliev wrote:

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> > I started gdmsetup on the FreeBSD system and enabled "Remote
> > Login" (XDMCP). It was followed by a "gdm-restart". No error
> > messages, everything seems fine, but I can not connect to the
> > FreeBSD box issuing "Xnest -query :2" from the
> > workstation.
> > 

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> >  The two hosts are on the same HUB and in the same /24 private
> > network.
> > 
> > 
> > What am I missing in the FreeBSD setup?
> > 
> I am confused why you need Xnest.
> If you want the XDMCP of the remote host there are other means. Xnest
> is meant for running multiple X sessions in the same server.
> If you want to access a remote machine's gdm, then you don't need
> Xnest for that.

Indeed. It is not my intention to use XDMCP like that (although it has
some advantages in some cases), but since the remote host wasn't on the
local XDMCP list I tried a more direct approach.

> You can test for UDP port 177 along with the TCP ports 6000 and above
> with the nmap command.
> # nmap -sT -p 6000-6005 # For X
> # nmap -sU -p 177 # For XDMCP

Sorry, I forgot to mention that. nmap gives:

177/udp closed xdmcp
6000/tcp open  X11

Actually I think the latter is not required, but I'll let everything be
open and allowing until I get it working, then I'll disable the
unnecessary options afterwards.

> Most likely you have to enable "TCP listening" in gdm.conf. Just
> uncomment the relevant line and you should be all set.

Now, this is where I get confused. In the gdm(1) man page it is stated
the configuration file should be gdm.conf. Well, the man page is from
2003 and "pkg_info -L" doesn't show such a file. Instead there is
"custom.conf{,.default}" and gdmsetup seems to be writing to this one.
Its content seems OK (meaning policy="allow all") to me:

sed -e '/^$/d;/#/d' /usr/local/etc/gdm/custom.conf

So, I believe there's something about gdm that I'm still missing or
it's just not working on FreeBSD. (bug?)

> Best of luck!
> -Girish

Thanks and the same to you!

(Although I'd appreciate more help than luck in this case.)


Best regards,

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