Howto get k3b to detect my Burner

Warren Liddell shinjii at
Sun Jun 29 03:26:24 UTC 2008

> Before you try to run k3b as root,  from an xterm (or konsole) in KDE.
> as your normal user, type:
> xhost  localhost
> (you should get a message like: "localhost being added to access control
> list")
> then su to root and try running k3b.
> One note:  I have had trouble allowing other hosts (or users) to connect
> to my X server session when I've used kdm as a login manager.  Rather
> than dig through the configuration, I usually switch to xdm ( edit
> /etc/ttys) when I need to allow other connections.
> Tim

I tried this and k3b hung my entire machine. It would seem k3b just wont use 
the burner, an yet ironically basic proggys such as DVDRip can use it 
perfectly fine *g*

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