Howto get k3b to detect my Burner

Manolis Kiagias sonic2000gr at
Sat Jun 28 12:59:22 UTC 2008

Warren Liddell wrote:
>> I was asking you to try k3b because internally it uses these commands to
>> write. I don't currently have it installed (I am not really a KDE user,
>> and I write most stuff from the command line anyway) but I think you
>> probably have a permission problem of some kind.
>> - Do you have the suid flag on cdrecord and cdrdao?
> -rwsrwsrwt   1 root  wheel     406368 Jun 28 21:53 cdrecord
> -rwsrwsrwt   1 root  wheel     603920 Jun 24 23:21 cdrdao
>> - Do you have the fstab line suggested by 'showinfo' ?
> fstab has.....
> /dev/cd0                /cdrom          cd9660  ro,noauto       0       0
>> - Do you have the permissions in devfs.conf ?
> only things set in there are..
> perm xpt0 0666
> perm pass0 0666
>> Example:
>> if you can run cdrecord --scanbus as root, but you do not get the same
>> result running it as a normal user, you do not have cdrecord installed
>> as suid root. Then the scan for devices in k3b will probably fail.
> i get the same output if i use it from root or user. And i just burnt a DVD 
> ISO find using the 1st cmnd line u gave.
Since you successfully burnt from the command line, I would go through 
the checklist in showinfo.
For example:

3b. - For every user who should be able to use k3b and for every CD or DVD
      device add a directory in the users home directory. These directories
      must be owned by the corresponding user. For each such directory add a
      line in /etc/fstab (see remark 2), like:
        /dev/cd0c  /usr/home/XXX/cdrom  cd9660  ro,noauto,nodev,nosuid  0  0
      Furthermore allow user mounts as described in topic 9.22 of the FAQ:

seems you missed this!
Sorry I can't really help you further, I've done all this once and it 
worked ok, but I don't currently have k3b installed on any of my systems 
so I can't give you more specific pointers.

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