Red5 working on FreeBSD 7.0?

Alex Teslik whereisalext at
Fri Jun 27 08:07:54 UTC 2008


     I have installed Red5 from /usr/ports/www/red5. There were no errors
during installation. I can go to port 8180 on that machine and I get the
Red5 welcome screen. 'netstat -an' shows that the rtmp port 1935 is
listening. However, none of the demos work. The RTMP simply timeouts and I
cannot connect to the server to view any media over RTMP. The Port Tester
demo shows all status "FAILED".

     I have asked at the Red5 lists, but with little success. I'm wondering
if this is a FreeBSD specific issue. If anyone has had success getting Red5
working on FreeBSD 7.0 please provide any possible tips.


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