JohnCompanies and RootBSD (was Re: FreeBSD based web hosting?)

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri Jun 20 08:04:00 UTC 2008

>> My main concern is disk space; I have 2GB for ~$26 per month.
> This too is my only gripe about JohnCompanies. For $29 a month, I only
> get a VPS with 2GB of space -- and they don't allow you to add more
> diskpace unless you upgrade to a higher ($49/month) plan.

while i live in Poland, where (in theory) internet services are more 
expensive than US and many west countries (we are told so at least), it 
looks like very expensive.

29$/month=348$/year for what i understand - Xen based servers with a bit 
of RAM allocated and 2GB disk space.

it's just funny in context of todays cheap 500-1000GB disks.

While i don't do this widely (too little money, too much work to 
advertise etc.) i have 20 clients on my servers just having their 
FreeBSD jail for 100$/month. There is 20GB "soft" limit - where soft means 
that you generally can keep more, but if i will have space problems i will 
ask to free some space.

The important question is traffic generated, not disk space, as this is 
what's expensive.

I just can't understand the basis of their offers.

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