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At 10:37 PM -0400 6/18/08, Maxim Khitrov wrote:
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>>>  I'm looking for somebody to host some web sites for me.  Ideally I'd
>>>  like a complete machine, but a jail would do too.  I can find plenty
>>>  of Linux-based offerings, but the only one I can find with FreeBSD is
>>>  in Germany and requires me to be resident in Germany.  Can anybody
>>>  point me to one that I, as an Australian resident, can use?
>>  Here's a list of FreeBSD-based hosters:
>Is anyone here using RootBSD?

I recently signed up for a Xen VPS setup at RootBSD.  It seems to be
working fine, at least for what I want out of it.  I'm using it as a
"hot-spare, off-site backup" for a service that I run, so what I'm
doing is probably much less demanding than what most people would
want from it.  But so far I've been able to set things up the way I
want, and it's worked fine.  My biggest problem so far is that I
haven't had enough spare time to work on it!

I have no idea if they would take customers from outside the US,
but they have been pretty responsive to questions I have sent to
them via email.

I see they've updated their site since I signed up:

>I'm currently with JohnCompanies. Overall, it's been a positive
>experience, though I wish they offered FreeBSD 7. Beta testing for
>it was supposed to begin last month, but so far no news.

My Xen VPS is setup with FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE.  When I signed up,
they were just starting to try Xen-based setups instead of jails.
It looks like they've officially rolled that out as a service to

>My main concern is disk space; I have 2GB for ~$26 per month. For the
>same price at RootBSD you could get almost eight times as much. The
>question is how reliable are they? I can't find any information on
>their site about where the data center is or the exact system

Machines are located in two different datacenters in Raleigh, NC (or
at least, that's what they told me!).  In my case, I just wanted a
machine located far enough away from Troy, NY that any problem which
took out my office machine would not take out my "off-site" machine.
North Carolina sounded far enough away to me!

At the moment, my machine has been up for 35 days, and at that time
the reason it went down was because I rebooted it after making some
changes.  I've had the system for maybe two months, and haven't had
any problems with it.  Remember though, I haven't been pushing it
all that much.  Basically do automatic backups to it at night, and
then may ssh into it to test a few things a week.

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