FreeBSD fdisk how to?

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> > >> newfs,mount,copy files,umount
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> > >> bsdlabel -B disk
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> > > But this does not create slices, does it?
> > 
> > yes. because slices are not needed if you want freebsd-only
> > disk - that's 
> > why i asked for.
> IC, sorry may be I did not make myself clear enough then. The fdisk statement I ran only with one partition entry is to learn fdisk, that's why I ran in test mode.
> I need at least 2 partitions, one for FreeBSD 7 and other for FreeBSD 8. I need two slices for that.
> I still need to understand clearly how to create slices in FreeBSD. I know 4 slices per disk can be created.
> The question is, is what I posted on my first post sufficient to create slices correctly? 
> Btw, thank you very much for so many replies without giving up :)

Well, fdisk(8) is somewhat cumbersome to use.  Personally I tend to invoke
sysinstall(8) to create new slices (can be done after install too.)  Much
easier to use.
Also, you can almost always ignore any warnings about the geometry of the
disk.  Once the kernel has booted FreeBSD does not make use of the geometry
anyway, so it is only if you need to boot from the disk or if you use the
disk from some other OS that it might matter (but it usually works just fine
without any adjustments.)

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