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Oliver Fromme olli at
Wed Jun 11 18:15:43 UTC 2008


Novembre <novembre at> wrote:
 > The problem is that I don't use any mail client, but the old fashion way of
 > using a web browser to log into my account and read my emails. That's why I
 > asked this question in the first place. Call me paranoid, but I just feel
 > more comfortable that way!
 > So to be more specific, how can I answer to a post from a mailing list from
 > within my, e.g., GMail or Yahoo! mailboxes? Is there any way to use the Raw
 > E-Mail output to send an email from within GMail to the OP and the list so
 > that it's threaded properly as well?

You need to take the "Message-ID" header of the message
that you're replying to, and put it into the "In-Reply-To"
header of your response.  That's what a standard mail
client does when you reply to a message.

The "In-Reply-To" header is used by clients and webmailers
to identify the thread and the order of messages within
that thread.

I've never used Gmail or Yahoo, so I don't know if they
provide a way to manually set the "In-Reply-To" header.
If they don't you're out of luck, I'm afraid.

By the way, I'm in a similar situation:  I'm not subscribed
to the lists, but I read them with a news client via an
NNTP gateway.  That gateway is one-way, i.e. I cannot post
follow-ups to the news groups.  Instead I use the reply-by-
mail function of the news client.  This works well, because
the NNTP gateway sets the "Reply-To" back to the list's
mail address (unless there already was a Reply-To header in
the original mail, which is kept), and I configured my news
client to copy the Message-ID into an In-Reply-To header,
so it works as expected.

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