Openvpn on FreeBSD 7

Nejc Škoberne nejc at
Mon Jun 9 19:49:51 UTC 2008


> I recently upgraded a machine from FreeBSD 6.3 to 7.0. Everything is 
> working fine except for the OpenVPN server. I had it set up with a 
> bridge configuration, but now even with a basic tunnel I can't get 
> successful ping across the VPN. I can make a connection from both Linux 
> and OS X but neither can actually use the tunnel. Are there any changes 
> in 7 which might affect this? Anyone else using OpenVPN on 7.0?

I do. I don't use bridging, though. Do you have a good reason to use it?
Have you tried to tcpdump the interfaces? How did you configure the bridge?
We would certainly need more information to try to help you out.


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