Input method doesn't work with QT applications. Anyone able to type Chinese into QT apps?

Jyun-Yi Liou 7yuny1 at
Sat Jun 7 08:09:38 UTC 2008

Hi Yuri,
First of all, You do not specify what shell you are using. TCSH or BASH?
Second, waht DE you using too?

for TCSH, it should be this in your ~/.xinitrc
setenv XMODIFIERS='@im=gcin'
setenv GTK_IM_MODULE=gcin
setenv QT_IM_MODULE=gcin

I guess you are using TCSH not BASH.
gcin can let you type chinese in GTK apps without set GTK_IM_MODULE

You can check the SHELL VARIABLE that is set or not after logged-in X.


2008/6/7 Yuri <yuri at>:

> When I am trying to type Chinese characters I can only do this from GTK
> applications.
> Input method doesn't work QT applications for me.
> I have the following in my .xinitrc:
> export XMODIFIERS='@im=gcin'
> export GTK_IM_MODULE=gcin
> export QT_IM_MODULE=gcin
> I have zh-gcin-1.4.0_1 installed and start it with 'gcin &'.
> In GTK apps Alt-Space creates the prompt windows. And in any QT apps -- no
> such box is popping up.
> Yuri
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