Scripting sysinstall

Jeff Gold at
Fri Feb 29 21:40:31 UTC 2008

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 4:20 PM, Mel
<fbsd.questions at> wrote:
>  Missing a few echo's there

What's missing?  This seems to work...

> and better off for ease of editing in the future,
>  to use the cat <<EOF >/tmp/bsdlabel.conf syntax. It will expand variables:

As you can see I use here documents in the rest of the script, but it
doesn't work this time due to the (somewhat misnamed) "slice" function
which permits specifying the size of partitions either in GiB or a
percentage of the entire disk.  Using backticks in a here document
didn't work because the value of the "used" shell variable doesn't get

>  Yea, probably:
>  ifconfig_${iface}="DHCP"
>  keyrate="fast"
>  sshd_enable="YES"

I've also enabled a bunch of other things like usbd and moused in my
working tree.  What does keyrate="fast" do?

Note that this script is not presented as advanced technology but
rather a proof of concept for installing without intervention.  There
are many ways it could be improved but my hope is that the next person
who wants to do this will find this thread in a web or list archive
search and have a starting point to work with.


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