My Rebuild Problem

Derek Ragona derek at
Tue Feb 26 16:46:19 UTC 2008

At 07:04 AM 2/26/2008, tonylabarbara at wrote:

>I would like to reformat and start over, but I don´t know how. As I wrote 
>earlier, I keep getting the below-mentioned loop. How do I just reformat 
>the disk? Also, concerning BIOS, not the problem, since I successfully 
>installed earlier.

If you want to re-format the drive, download a CD image from the drive 
manufacturer's website.  Most manufacturer's have bootable CD images that 
include utilities to test and format their drives.


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> >Now I get this when I try and log on:Â
>>> >no /boot/loaderÂ
>> >All I want to do is rebuild the silly FBSD! Again, I fell into this 
> silly >loop when I tried to rebuild:Â
>> >-- Select DriveÂ
> >-- FDISK Partition Editor ("Q")Â
> >-- Install Boot ManagerÂ
>> >and it just goes round, and round, and round. Can I just wipe the disk 
> and >start over? And why these strange problems? I´m not connected to 
> the >Internet, so no possibility of virus. Never had this problem before.Â
> >Help!Â
> >TonyÂ
>You don't mention what version you installing.Â
>Be sure your BIOS is not set to not allow boot sector writes. Some BIOS 
>have this set to thwart boot sector viruses.Â
>A few things you can try:Â
>You can boot FreeDOS and run booteasy from the tools folder on the FreeBSD 
>install CD to install the boot-manager.Â
>Boot the FreeBSD install CD and use the emergency shell to check the hard 
>drive for the correct creation of the folders and kernel.Â
>If all else fails you can reformat and start over.Â
>Â  -DerekÂ
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