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Tsu-Fan Cheng tfcheng at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 01:38:10 UTC 2008

hi guys,
   just take every part out and dust with a brush, reseat the m-board
and hook on the power supply, switch on the power and both fans spin
for quite a while, seeing this, I switch it off and start to connect
all the cables. After all is done, i turn on the power again, and this
time it stop again after a short spin. and I looked everywhere on the
board and found some silverish dust on the board, i dust it away, but
this time, the fans and the LED light on the board never spin or lit
up when i switch it on, i wonder if something i did kill the power
this time, any idea?? thank you for your help.


On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 7:53 PM, Chris Whitehouse <cwhiteh at onetel.com> wrote:
> Derek Ragona wrote:
> > At 08:06 AM 2/25/2008, Tsu-Fan Cheng wrote:
> >> Hi guys,
> >>    this is really not about freebsd per sa. But this is the only
> >> computer-related forum I use. so please forgive me.
> >>     my desktop  was relocated due to my recent moving to a new
> >> apartment. After settling down at the new place, I plug in the cables
> >> and the computer won't start up. I open the case and found out that
> >> when i switched on the power supply from the back, the power fan and
> >> cpu fan will spin for a split second then stop. I tried to debug by
> >> unplugging the cables, when doing so, sometimes the fans will spin for
> >> 10 seconds, maybe, but most of the time, it just stopped right after
> >> the power switched on. I also try to hold down the start button on the
> >> front for a while, but no good. I was told the mother board maybe
> >> short-circuit. can anyone give a second opinion?? thanks!!
> >>
> >> TFC
> >
> > It sounds like you have something shorting out the motherboard.  I would
> > remove everything you can, all add-on cards etc.  Just leave a video
> > card, unless video is on the motherboard.  I would disconnect all the
> > drives too.  The idea is to remove everything, so you can check just the
> > motherboard alone.  If the motherboard still won't power on, remove and
> > reseat the RAM.  If it still won't power up, remove and re-seat the CPU.
> >
> > I would guess something inside the case was moved around enough in your
> > move to cause the short.
> >
> >         -Derek
> >
> Agree. The symptoms, fans starting and almost immediately stopping, say
> the power supply is starting, detecting a short and shutting down. If
> the video card is AGP double check it is properly seated, I've had that
> same result several times particularly with AGP cards lifting very
> slightly at the inboard end.
> Chris
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