hardware problem

Chris Whitehouse cwhiteh at onetel.com
Tue Feb 26 01:15:38 UTC 2008

Derek Ragona wrote:
> At 08:06 AM 2/25/2008, Tsu-Fan Cheng wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>>    this is really not about freebsd per sa. But this is the only
>> computer-related forum I use. so please forgive me.
>>     my desktop was relocated due to my recent moving to a new
>> apartment. After settling down at the new place, I plug in the cables
>> and the computer won't start up. I open the case and found out that
>> when i switched on the power supply from the back, the power fan and
>> cpu fan will spin for a split second then stop. I tried to debug by
>> unplugging the cables, when doing so, sometimes the fans will spin for
>> 10 seconds, maybe, but most of the time, it just stopped right after
>> the power switched on. I also try to hold down the start button on the
>> front for a while, but no good. I was told the mother board maybe
>> short-circuit. can anyone give a second opinion?? thanks!!
>> TFC
> It sounds like you have something shorting out the motherboard.  I would 
> remove everything you can, all add-on cards etc.  Just leave a video 
> card, unless video is on the motherboard.  I would disconnect all the 
> drives too.  The idea is to remove everything, so you can check just the 
> motherboard alone.  If the motherboard still won't power on, remove and 
> reseat the RAM.  If it still won't power up, remove and re-seat the CPU.
> I would guess something inside the case was moved around enough in your 
> move to cause the short.
>         -Derek
Agree. The symptoms, fans starting and almost immediately stopping, say 
the power supply is starting, detecting a short and shutting down. If 
the video card is AGP double check it is properly seated, I've had that 
same result several times particularly with AGP cards lifting very 
slightly at the inboard end.


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