6.3 DHCP and static_routes

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Mon Feb 25 09:30:19 UTC 2008

Ed Maste ha scritto:

> As of FreeBSD 6.3 dhclient supports RFC3442, the classless static route
> option.  If your DHCP server is including this option but not encoding
> the default route using the option you'll have no default route.

Thanks for the answer; this is in fact my case.
It would be great news if I could get it to work properly! Obviously 
repeating the static routes in rc.conf was an hack due to lack of this 

Now I fiddled with my dhcpd.conf and came up with this:

option local-route code 121 = string;
option local-route 00:0a:01:02:7f;
option local-route 18:c0:A8:65:0a:01:02:0d;
option local-route 18:c0:A8:67:0a:01:02:0f;
option local-routew code 249 = string;
option local-routew 00:0a:01:02:7f;
option local-routew 18:c0:A8:65:0a:01:02:0d;
option local-routew 18:c0:A8:67:0a:01:02:0f;

The problem is that only the latest route gets in the table; in this case:

192.168.103          UGS         0        0    vr0

In order to get a default route I have to comment the other two.

Any hint on this?

Thanks a lot.


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