automatic fsck on gmirror failure

Brian A. Seklecki lavalamp at
Fri Feb 22 17:09:44 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-02-03 at 23:39 +0100, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> it failed while rebuilding with badly written data on the disk that was 
> used, while other rebuild.
> now it can't read it.
> if you are sure that it doesn't pass through fsck before second reboot, do 
> the following.
> 1) turn off gmirror
> 2) clear gmirror header on both providers
> 3) run fsck the other drive (not ad6, but the other used on mirror).

Also don't forget about:

$ grep -i fsck /etc/defaults/rc.conf 
fsck_y_enable="NO"      # Set to YES to do fsck -y if the initial preen

gmirror(8) / geom(8) should automatically remove (degrade) components
with bad I/O operations after a certain threshold, but I'm pretty sure
it doesn't.


> 4) pray
> 5) after fsck will end it successfully (it should), create gmirror with 
> the disk you checked
> gmirror label <options> gmirror-name /dev/thedisk
> 6) reboot and start the system. should go well.

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