automatic fsck on gmirror failure

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Sun Feb 3 22:40:51 UTC 2008

it failed while rebuilding with badly written data on the disk that was 
used, while other rebuild.

now it can't read it.

if you are sure that it doesn't pass through fsck before second reboot, do 
the following.

1) turn off gmirror

2) clear gmirror header on both providers

3) run fsck the other drive (not ad6, but the other used on mirror).

4) pray

5) after fsck will end it successfully (it should), create gmirror with 
the disk you checked

gmirror label <options> gmirror-name /dev/thedisk

6) reboot and start the system. should go well.

7) after system is running and not too much needing disk I/O, do

gmirror insert gmirror-name /dev/ad6

8) pray again, but with much less fear.

9) if gmirror will finish rebuild, all right.

if you got write errors in log, ad6 needs to be replaced.

wish it helps.

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