DJ500 dead after >= 16 years.

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Fri Feb 22 09:52:23 UTC 2008

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> On Wednesday 20 February 2008 21:07:40 perryh at wrote:
> > >  Guys, I need some input about what kind of _new_ printer to buy
> > >  for my desktops.  I'd like to hang the printer off my FBSD box;
> > >  my Ubuntu platform is probably too far away. At least 3 meters.
> >
> > A few months ago I got a Samsung ML-2571N for well under $100 at
> > Fry's.  It is small, light, fast; has a built-in 10/100 network
> > port, handles PostScript, and speaks native lpr (so you don't
> > need to bother with CUPS).
> >
> > I am still on the original 1000-page starter cartridge.  Replacements
> > are rated 3000 sheets; I haven't priced them.
> >
> > That's black only.  The cheapest color-capable networked PostScript
> > printer I've found so far is the Xerox 6130N, for which I've been
> > quoted $375 including $380 worth of cartridges (C, M, Y, K @ $95 each)
> > -- Xerox seems to have some promotional pricing this month.  IIRC the
> > color cartridges are rated 1900 sheets and the black 2500.  This one
> > is also supposed to handle lpr natively.  While I haven't got one (yet),
> > I figure it is almost guaranteed to be good -- Xerox do not make junk.
> Great; another printer heard about.    SO far the Brother at <=
> $200 with 7000
> pages at a $30 cartridge sounds better.    I've done mostly the
> "academic",
> plain b&w over the years.   Hm, well, then I have had some papers
> returned
> with feedback marked in blue in OOo.
> There is a fancy Brother color printer [on sale] at Costco for
> like $700. (!)
> After my heart was shocked back to life, I double-checked.   I
> can't imagine
> what it does for 700 clams, but don't have room for it here anyway.
> Can you use any paper with the laser printers, or does it have to meet a
> certain spec?

Yes it has to meet a certain spec

However, that spec is so widely known and has been so widely
known for something like the last 15 years that any paper you
buy today will meet it.    You literally now would have to
special-order copy paper that -wouldn't- meet spec in a laser

You probably wouldn't do well with something like newsprint
in a laser printer, for example.

Also, these days you can get transparencies that won't melt in
a laser printer.  Of course, it's a little too late for that
as overhead projectors have mostly vanished.


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