DJ500 dead after >= 16 years.

David Kelly dkelly at
Thu Feb 21 23:01:04 UTC 2008

On Feb 21, 2008, at 1:17 PM, Gary Kline wrote:

> Great; another printer heard about.    SO far the Brother at <=  
> $200 with 7000
> pages at a $30 cartridge sounds better.    I've done mostly the  
> "academic",
> plain b&w over the years.   Hm, well, then I have had some papers  
> returned
> with feedback marked in blue in OOo.

The Genuine Brother TN-580 cartridge is about $75. A quick search  
finds "remanufactured" cartridges for $22, or do-it-yourself reload  
kits for under $20. I had to buy my first replacement as reloads were  
not yet available.

I got just under 2,000 sheets on the 3,500 rated sheet TN-550  
cartridge which came with the printer. Just over 4,000 on the 7,000  
rated TN-580. Then nearly 7,000 using a $20 reload kit. Printing  
essentially the same thing, a membership flyer packed full of text on  
one side and a JPEG on the other.

The $20 reload kit I used smells a lot different than  
the original Brother toner. seems to have the best reputable prices on the HL-5250DN  
at the moment. $190 new, or $155 refurbished, free shipping.

> There is a fancy Brother color printer [on sale] at Costco for like  
> $700. (!)
> After my heart was shocked back to life, I double-checked.   I  
> can't imagine
> what it does for 700 clams, but don't have room for it here anyway.

If you need it, then you need it. But watch for operational costs.

> Can you use any paper with the laser printers, or does it have to  
> meet a
> certain spec?   I heard a severe warning about using junk paper.

Can use as nice of a paper as you want. Paper prices are rising. I  
have been buying $3.50 paper from Staples but this last time simply  
bought an entire case for whatever they demanded. Something between  
20 and 24 pound is best. 20 is great for printing manuals, 24 is  
better if you are mailing a flyer that is folded and taped without an  

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