DJ500 dead after >= 16 years.

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> >>>  Guys, I need some input about what kind of _new_ printer to buy
> >>>  for my desktops.  I'd like to hang the printer off my FBSD box;
> >>>  my Ubuntu platform is probably too far away. At least 3 meters.
> >>>     
> >>
> >> A few months ago I got a Samsung ML-2571N for well under $100 at
> >> Fry's.  It is small, light, fast; has a built-in 10/100 network
> >> port, handles PostScript, and speaks native lpr 
> > What is lpr? Usually printers speak Post Script or PCL printer command 
> > language in which case you need a driver.
> > LPD, LPRng, and CUPS are different spooling systems.
> > Did you attach the printer to a computer or is acting as a free 
> > standing printer server.
> >
> There is a lpr driver by Brother for Linux. Brother and Canon have 
> binary blob drivers. Did you use that driver may be?
> Does anyone know if those binary blobs can be useful for anything on 
> FreeBSD. They appear to be wrappers for standard
> Ghost Script drivers.

They aren't wrappers.  The binary drivers generally take the
intermediate output from the Ghostscript ijs driver and convert
it into whatever the printer understands.  If the binary driver
is statically built then it likely can be run by the linuxulator
under FreeBSD.

Most of the time the binary drivers are wrapped in an install script
that sets all this up.


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